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It is anticipated by some that incumbent Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. will enter the 2016 presidential election, contesting the widely held belief that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is guaranteed the nomination. Should this occur, one can imagine that the democratic primary would become quite tense.

While a Biden run has been on the fringes of political speculation for a while, the probability of such a candidacy appears to be increasing. For instance, Politico ran a story indicating Vice President Biden was in the process of vetting Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as a potential running mate. This would make sense, as a male challenge to Hillary Clinton's campaign to become the nation's first woman commander-in-chief would necessitate filling the gender gap somehow. Senator Warren also has the Progressive bona fides Hillary Clinton likes to flaunt. Unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton, there is a demonstrable credibility gap. A substantial number of polls indicate that Americans view Hillary Clinton as untrustworthy.